Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekly DBDebunk News

1. I have added
  • a "Link to this blog" button and code at the top right
  • URL, HTML and BB/Forum link codes at the end of each post
If you like the blog or posts, please use them to link to them. This being a new blog, it will help with visibility. Thanks.

2. Shortly I will switch the blog to the old domain, You don't need to do anything as the blogspot will simply forward you to that domain.

3. For those interested in databases and gaming, there is a forum thread at

about problems with EDK, an older 'massive multiplayer online' (MMO) game based on mySQL, the latter supposedly being broken by the application/user load. The discussion is about the new DBMS to be considered and the choice between SQL and NoSQL (MongoDB about which I wrote in my three-part article, is mentioned).

I do not presume to know the technicalities and terminology of gaming systems and I am not in a position to judge whether current SQL systems can adequately satisfy gaming in general and EDK in particular. Perhaps readers who have knowledge in this area can enlighten us.

But if you read the exchange carefully you can detect the familiar sources of the (misleading) attraction of NoSQL: lack of familiarity with history and foundation knowledge, developers not transcending their application view of databases, the logical-physical confusion, the failure by SQL and its implementations to adhere to the relational model and so on. There is one developer with foundation knowledge, though, who is readily discernible.

We are regressing decades. I may not be around when somebody will have to "discover" the relational model in order to address the very same problems that Codd  thought he did 40+ years ago.

4. Matt Rogish has submitted this link: 

Why I Migrated Away From MongoDB
which I may comment on later.

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