Sunday, September 17, 2023


After 23+ years has undergone a slight refresh. Here is an outline of the changes.

1. The BOOKS and PAPERS are now unified into one PUBS page from which my papers and self-published books can be ordered. There are two paper series:

  • Understanding the Real RDM: reviews and analysis of some Codd's published papers 1969-85 in the spirit of McGoveran re-interpretation of his work--distinct from that dominant in the industry.
  • Practical Database Foundations: shorter papers about narrower aspects of the RDM that are abused, misused and ignored in the industry.

Some papers will be brought up to date/re-written and new ones will be published.

2. The recommended books links from the BOOKS page have been moved to the LINKS page.

3. The FUNDAMENTALS page was replaced by a SEARCH page that contains a newly compiled data and relational fundamentals comprehensive dictionary of terms to be maintained on a regular basis. It includes abbreviations/acronyms to be used as labels for searching. Use the page as a reference in conjunction with the labels to compensate partially for a limitation of the Blogger labels facility.

4. Labels now exist only for the search terms that have known abbreviations  or acronyms. The SEARCH page should be used to identify which terms have labels and those that do not must be used with the Blogger search facility (see details on ABOUT page).

Any problems, comments, suggestions, questions, or support are welcome--drop me an email.





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