Monday, May 2, 2022

SMS: "Relation Proliferation"?

Note: "Setting Matters Straight" is a new format: I post on LinkedIn an online Q&A involving data fundamentals that I subsequently debunk in a post here. This is to encourage readers to test their foundation knowledge against our debunking here, where we confirm what is correct and correct what is fallacious. For in-depth treatments check out the POSTS and our PAPERS, LINKS and BOOKS (or organize one of our on-site/online SEMINARS, which can be customized to specific needs). Questions and comments are welcome here and on LinkedIn.

Q: “How do I avoid too many relations in databases?”

A: “You don’t. Every relation is there to store meaningful data, hopefully you do not define database relations for data that are not to be stored in your database.”

A: “By following proper design principles. Normalization, standard data patterns, and progressing from logical to physical always. Never denormalize (or avoid normalizing in the first place) because performance never trumps accuracy. It really doesn't matter how fast you get the wrong answer.”
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