Thursday, May 28, 2020

No Such Thing As "Current Relational Data Models"

“... the concept of a state group is indeed a missing modeling concept in relational/current data models...”

Thus in a LinkedIn exchange. I don't know what a "state group" is, but I spent almost six decades debunking the misuses of data model in general and the abuses of the RDM in particular and I smell them from miles away. While the time when lack of foundation knowledge shocked me is long gone, practitioners' total unawareness of and indifference to it, and poor reasoning in a field founded on logic never ceases to amaze me.

What exactly are "relational/current data models"?

Sunday, May 10, 2020

TYFK: What Is A Database Relationship?

Note: This is a re-write of an earlier post. About TYFK posts (Test Your Foundation Knowledge) see the post insert below.

“Here two or more table[s] are related with each other. This is Database relationship. Database relationship is used a lot ... [in] relational database management systems ... shortly called RDBMS. Here is Join_data [sic] table and Interview_data table. For creating a relational database management system both of the table[s] must have a common field. Here Employee_ID is a common field ... Database relationship types: One-To-One relation, One-To-many relation, Many-to-many relation. Minimum one common field is essential in all the tables. The data type of common field and field size will be same in all the tables.”
First try to detect the misconceptions, then check against our debunking. If there isn't a match, you can acquire the necessary foundation knowledge in our POSTS, BOOKS, PAPERS, LINKS or, better, organize one of our on-site SEMINARS, which can be customized to specific needs.
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