Tuesday, January 9, 2024


 with David McGovern

One purpose of our contributions here is to suggest a vocabulary that avoids confusion not just within the formal logical level, but also between conceptual and logical terminologies, which is widespread in the industry and is exacerbated by limitations of natural language (NL). We use the following terminology in our approach to conceptual modeling:

  • Objects are:

- Primitive (basic entities);

- Compound:

  - groups of related entities;

  - multigroups (groups of related groups);

  • Properties are:

- Individual (of basic entities);

- Collective:

  - Of groups: relationships among entities within a group;

  - Of multigroups: relationships among groups within a multigroup.


Note:  It is a McGoveran insight that relationships between objects at a lower aggregate level are properties of the object at the higher aggregate level which the former comprise (LOGIC FOR SERIOUS DATABASE FOLK, forthcoming; see draft chapters) http://www.alternativetech.com/ATpubs_dir.html For classification of properties as first, second, third and fourth order (1OP, 2OP, 3OP and 4OP) see RELATIONSHIPS AND THE RDM Parts 1-3. https://www.dbdebunk.com/2023/03/relationships-and-rdm-v2-part-1.html All such properties can be expressed logically in a FOPL-based relational data sublanguage as constraints, which is beyond the scope of this discussion.

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