Monday, January 4, 2016

The Real Data Science Series: 1NF In Theory & Practice

My January presentation for the San Francisco Microsoft Data Platform User Group:

Wednesday, January 13, 2016 6:30 PM
Microsoft Reactor, 680 Folsom Street , San Francisco, CA (map)

In the early 70's E. F. Codd provided a very precise, formal definition of a table in its normal form. Any table not normalized was in violation of the RDM and not considered a R-table. But you are unlikely to have encountered that definition. Instead you probably heard about "repeating groups", "simple domains" and "atomic values", neither of which are formal relational concepts. C. J. Date provided a 1NF definition different than Codd's. And you probably think that the same design principle underlies all normal forms, but 1NF is somewhat distinct.

This presentation introduces order and makes sense of all this, including the practical implications for SQL database practice. It is first in THE REAL DATA SCIENCE series (that includes papers and seminars) expounding the Codd-McGoveran relational model, distinct from Date-Darwen's.You will learn:
• Normalization vs. further normalization
• Repeating Groups
• Simple domains and atomic values
• SQL and 1NF

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