Sunday, January 10, 2016

This Week

1. Quote of the Week
Table (n.) – a collection of information (data?) describing a population of entities which possess some common characteristics, called attributes. Tables are the building block of relational databases.  Tables must generally be “normalized,” at least to 1NF.  That may be an appropriate way to think of databases when implemented in a modern day DBMS.  However, it is not the way the world thinks logically. People have no problem with commonly occurring phenomena such as:
* A multi-valued attribute, e.g., an Employee possesses multiple Skills.
* Many-to-many (M:N) relationships, e.g., as between Employees and Projects
* A relationship with attributes

--Gordon Everest, Recognizing and Treating Tableitis

2. To Laugh or Cry?
SQL Hegemony -- a sad state of affairs (h/t Greg Jorgensen)
3. Online Debunkings
Is Logical Data Modeling obsolete?
4. Of Interest Elsewhere
5. And now for something completely different

"The PostWest" Series (or the future of the West is all behind it)

"The Only Globally Acceptable Racism" Series (or fuck the Joos)
"Let's Give Them a State" Series (or one IS is not enough)
Upside Down & Backwards Series (or pinch me!) 
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Video of the week 

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