Wednesday, December 30, 2015


David McGoveran has been working on a book on logic for database professionals. He will post articles online for review that will become chapters in the book. He has just posted first 4 along with a revised "Series Introduction" (link below).

I thought it's worth sharing a short note he sent me on what prompted the book and what some of its objectives are.

I've decided to present my work as a new data model (albeit with a relational foundation), rather than try to change others understanding of Codd's relational model. This requires a certain background and perspective on formal systems and logic in particular, which is the emphasis of Part I. Part II will use that background to develop the new data model. My work introduces and takes advantage of rich semantics, offering capabilities notimaginable otherwise. Some of the database specific material is -  I'm pretty sure - rediscovering how Codd originally thought about some of this. Other parts I'm sure he didn't quite get to before, or maybe was influenced to pursue a different branch on his path.

The chapter on (re)constructing the relational model in new data model will nonetheless address:
  • certain misunderstandings about the relational model e.g., relations are defined in terms of name/value pairs labeled as "attributes" instead of formalized properties.
  • the evidence that EFC anticipated some of what I've done and where he once in a while took a different direction
  • extending the relational model with more semantics and cleaning up a few bits
Other database specific chapters will focus on specific capabilities of the new model.

All this is (and has) taken quite a while to develop and hopefully people will be patient.

(By downloading you agree not to distribute or publish in any form.)

I've been reviewing drafts and I will probably incorporate his version of the RDM in my writings.

Incidentally, I've made some corrections to my 1,2, 4, 5 and 6 papers. Those who purchased any of them in 2014 or 2015 can contact me for free copies.

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