Sunday, December 20, 2015

Weekly Update

1. Quote of the Week
According to Wikipedia, Amazon's Redshift is a modified version of Postgres.
Maybe its speed redshifted data integrity into a bloody mess.

It has no primary keys, foreign keys or unique constraints. It just has optimizer hints in the DDL that *maybe* the data behaves that way. If they want to put hints in the DDL, OK, but don't call those hint PRIMARY KEY, FOREIGN KEY or UNIQUE.
--Unsupported PostgreSQL Features - Amazon Redshift

I don't think any version of Postgres lets you say Create Table Foo (Bar Int PRIMARY KEY) and then let you do
INSERT INTO Foo (BAR) Values (42)
INSERT INTO Foo (BAR) Values (42)
INSERT INTO Foo (BAR) Values (42)
That might be fine for a one time only static data warehouse, but an ongoing data update system is going to break the integrity rules, it is just a matter of time. That would make for some surprises when someone decides to migrate their data and lots of application code from a relational DBMS to Redshift.
--Jeff Winchell

2. To Laugh or Cry?
Now Powered by PostgreSQL
Quote: The thing that defines these apps as modern is rich data structures that don’t fit neatly into rows and columns of traditional databases." -- Kelly Stirman, VP of Strategy at MongoDB.
Online comment: I'd like to see an explanation or example for this oft-repeated nonsense. How is a collection of key:value pairs not logically equivalent to rows and columns? What is this data that is too rich for a relational database to represent? Also see the part where the author says PostgreSQL is in "fierce competition" with MongoDB and finally catching up with the NoSQL tools.
3. Online Debunkings
The Big Data Modeling Question...and Beer
4. Elsewhere Of Interest

5. And now for something completely different

The PostWest (Western civilization: Its future is all behind it)

"Fuck the Jews" (The only acceptable racism)

Pinch me

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Video of the week
Islam: What the West needs to know (must watch!)

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