Sunday, September 27, 2015

Weekly Update

UPDATE: I have posted, via David McGoveran, an update to last week's post on Codd's 12 rules.

Reactions to my presentation "The Real Science: Tables- So What?" to the Silicon Valley SQL Server User Group. 

With regards to Language Redundancy and DBMS Performance: A SQL Story:

1. Quote of the Week

... the challenges inherent in the SQL RDBMS [sic] approach ... the constrained schema (or schema-first) approach of SQL RDBMS engines imposes semantic infidelity rather than fidelity on all applications and services that depend on this RDBMS type, solely ... SQL RDBMS engines (as per what I've outlined above) do impose a "one size fits all" constraint on DBMS driven apps and services that manifests as the "data variety issue" outlined by the "Big Data" meme.

2. To Laugh or Cry?
What is the actual definition of First Normal Form (1NF)?
3. Online Debunkings
Attempt to find the answer to the question what 1NF could be
4. Of Interest Elsewhere

And now for something completely different

The PostWest
Book of the week

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