Sunday, October 12, 2014

Weekly Update

Housekeeping: I have added FUNDAMENTALS links on HOME page to:

 1. Quote of the Week
I am teaching a database design course next year. What do you think should be covered in an introductory course?
I have a requirement for an ERwin data modeler (Logical, Physical, 3NF and Star Schema).

2. To Laugh or Cry?
What would be key entities in Automotive Industry MDM

3. Online debunkings

4. Must read elsewhere
Out of the Tar Pit

5. And now for something completely different
Ig Nobel Prize Winners
Cry, don't laugh.
Hey There Little Electron, Why Won't You Tell Me Where You Came From
Israel is holding back channel talks with the 'Palestinian Authority' relating to Gaza, in which it is making concessions and receiving nothing in return.
The Tower cites a Wall Street Journal report that indicates that Western negotiators are so desperate for a deal with Iran that they are offering more significant sanctions relief for a deal that would not stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.
Why the West is PostWest: The Blackmailer Paradox (Aumann is Nobel laureate in economics).

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