Friday, April 11, 2014

Weekly Update

1. Quote of the Week
Now that we have seen a lot of information about NoSQL databases, it is interesting to drop back and look around at how much NoSQL stuff we already have in our organizations. I had never thought of a file system as a database, but it is. The comparison is fascinating. File systems don’t impose any structure on the data that is stored in any given file. There is a key value relationship to each file. There is little control over concurrency beyond file locking. This is very similar to NoSQL, with locking only at the aggregate level. File systems are cheap; everyone has one and they hold huge amounts of data on multiple nodes. --Book review, NoCOUG Journal

2. To Laugh or Cry?
Find GUID in Database

3. Online exchanges

4. Interesting elsewhere (corrected first link and added a second):

5. And now for something completely different
Joe Biden wants to nominate Obama for sainthood
The VP of the world's "superpower".
Stanford opening new lab to study bad science
And tomorrow we'll need a lab to study bad science in the study of bad science.

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