Sunday, April 27, 2014

Weekly Update - UPDATED

1. I will give the following presentation

Big Data, Analytics and Normalization
"Big Data may offer analytical insights, but with almost certainty will produce really big lies from 100% correct data", particularly when data are from external sources. This presentation will demonstrate
  • Why and how
  • How to protect yourself
Wednesday, 5/14, 7:00pm
Microsoft San Francisco office
835 Market St., 7th Floor
San Francisco

For more information contact

2. My April column @All Analytics:
Missing Data, Databases & Analytics

3. Quote of the Week
Q: Is it necessary to follow standards during SQL programming? 
A: Standards and Best Practices usually come from common sense. I want to point out that it is God given potential which one must realise and be conscious to utilize it for His glory.

4. To Laugh or Cry?
A data model of the SAP Bill of Material Explosion tables

5. Online 

6. Interesting elsewhere
Big Data, Little Happiness
(requires free registration)

7. And now for something completely different
The Death Of Expertise
Today being the anniversary of the Holocaust, I decided to add the following:
Berlusconi's holocaust jibe provokes German outrage
The irony of Italians badmouthing the Germans about the extermination of Jews. But this time the former spoke the truth:the latter cannot have it both ways.

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