Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekly Update

Note: I usually receive notifications of comments to my posts, which I then publish if they are not spam. Today, however, I noticed a whole bunch of old comments that were waiting for moderation, some of 2013, of which I was not notified. I have just published them and replied. Apologies to the commenters.

1. Quote of the Week
Schemaless describes the storage engine, not the data. Data has schema. No Data is ever Schemaless. Schemaless DBs merely describe a feature of themselves, not the data they store. Namely that they don't store and enforce this schema in addition to the data.
One advantage of this Is that you can change the schema "easily" - helps with up time. Now if you don't evolve the old data with each schema change you can end up with multiple schemas stored in your backend and no way of knowing which data is of which schema without some form of analysis of the data. Show me the Front end that can deal with evolving schemas without knowing about them ;) Point being Schema's always there wether any tier deals with it explicitly or not. Something has to manage it.
2. To Laugh or Cry?
Big data means the reign of the relational database is over
3. Online
What is the best way to explain Normalization 1NF,2NF and 3NF
4. And now for something completely different
Samsung’s entire leadership team is paid less than individual executives at Google, Apple

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