Sunday, March 9, 2014

Weekly Update

1. My presentation at SQLSaturday:
The Last NULL in the Coffin: A Relational 2VL Solution to Missing Data
March 15, 2014 11:15am
Microsoft Technology Center, 1065 La Avenida, Building One, Mountain View, CA, 94043
2. Descriptions of all available courses are now posted on the SEMINARS page. Contact me if you are interested in public or private sessions, with possible customization for particular needs.

3. Quote of the Week
1: - a picture is only one representation of a data model: What is the adequate data structure to store a data model: Picture, Text (UML), formal (Gellish), Database) - is there an API to access, create and manipulate data models - do you handle hundreds of types (Entity, Relationship, Attribute): - do you handle one conceptual data model and derived consistent (external) submodels - document : which meta-attributes must be maintained to describe the elements of the data model. How to create different views of the data model (Pictures with different views, detailed printed documents)
2: - How to check the data model with instance data and queries based on the requirements.
3. - Use the ER-Model for Instance data (instead of the relational model) and thereby avoid the impedance mismatch:
4: A query language to access instance data which is based on the Entity-Relationship-Model and NOT on the relational model"

4. To Laugh or Cry?
mysql - additional information on normalization 
5. Online
Do you use Composite Primary Keys to design a good, solid data model?
6. Elsewhere
The database field.

7. And now for something completely different
Zombie Studies Gain Ground on College Campuses

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