Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weekly Update (Revised 2/3)

1. Quote of the Week
Observe the trend of NoSQL growth, revenue will trail along irrespective. In the industry, only with respect to non-OLTP applications, RDBMS is in "keep the lights on" state by necessity, it is either awaiting obsolescence/end of life, or replacement with NoSQL solution; no longer a "workhorse" - this was the discussion point.

2. To Laugh or Cry?
Why semantic models like RDFOWL, TMDM, are not sufficient for the web of linked data

3. Online
Why don’t RDBMS products support sub-typing?

4. Elsewhere
Cisco unveils 'fog computing' to bridge clouds and the Internet of Thing
Could not have thought of a better name!

5. And now for something completely different 

It's not the bus, stupid. It's the system
Yes, but my concept of "the system" is much more profound: one that inevitably produces both buses and Kleiners and the rest of "free marketeers":
Silicon Valley billionaires believe in the free market, as long as they benefit

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