Sunday, September 22, 2013

Site Update

1. Schedule reminder
September 23rd, 10:00am, San Francisco, CA
The CWA, Missing Data and the Last NULL in the Coffin
Presentation, Oaktable Conference, Oracle OpenWorld
October 8, Milan, Italy
Denormalization for Performance: A Costly Illusion
Public presentation, UGISS SQLSaturday
October 9-10, 2013, Milan, Italy
Business Modeling for Database Design
Private seminar sponsored by Microsoft and organized by SolidQ
Contact: Davide Mauri, SolidQ

2. Quote of the Week
I am constructing a new website ... using node.js. Its aim is to have many subscriber (people who offer help and people who need help) it should be scalable in different language. I have to decide wich is the more suitable db. I am thinking about to have two db (mongodb and postgress) for site languages and people account, people should vote other people ability. As db experts could you give me some suggestions? What would think could be a good db choice?

3. To Laugh or Cry?
Can anyone guide about using DB2

4. Online

 5. There were several posts on this site about Meijer article, its support by a letter to the editor and reactions by David McGoveran and C. J. Date to both. But I missed the one by my fellow relationlander Erwin Smout: A letter by Carl Hewitt. At one point he writes:
At any rate, I'm still left wondering what mr. Hewitt's problem is here.
I don't know why he wonders -- it is pretty obvious to me.

6. The frequency of fads has been increasing and the time between them decreasing. Today pushing a "new thing" starts before the last fad is exhausted: The Next Wave of Data Management

7. And now for something completely different: How the US Crushed Youth Resistance

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