Sunday, September 8, 2013

Site Update

1. Schedule reminder
September 23rd, 10:00am, San Francisco, CA
The CWA, Missing Data and the Last NULL in the Coffin
Presentation, Oaktable Conference, Oracle OpenWorld
October 8, Milan, Italy
Denormalization for Performance: A Costly Illusion
Public presentation, UGISS SQLSaturday
October 9-10, 2013, Milan, Italy
Business Modeling for Database Design
Private seminar sponsored by Microsoft and organized by SolidQ
Contact: Davide Mauri, SolidQ

2. Quote of the Week
Q: One of the main resistences of RDBMS users to pass to a NoSQL product are related to the complexity of the model: Ok, NoSQL products are super for BigData and BigScale but what about the model?

A: Actually graphs are the way we (people) think and organization data in our head, as computer people it is on[e] of the most popular way[s] we are taught to think about data, so this should be natural.

3. To Laugh or Cry?
"Splunk for Big Data"

4. My comment at Robert Young's blog
No Mas!! No Mas!!

Something I argued much before they did.
Think Big Data Is All Hype? You're Not Alone

5. And now for something completely different.
High-tech toilets vulnerable to hackers
No comment.

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