Thursday, June 20, 2013

Site Update

The following were added to the SCHEDULE:
  • Private database design seminar, October 9-10, Milan, Italy (sponsored by Microsoft and organized by SolidQ)
  • Public presentation to the SQL Server User Group Italy (UGISS), October 8, Milan, Italy, organized by SolidQ.
The 'Quote of the Week' was posted on the QUOTES page.

My latest All Analytics column was posted on the FP ONLINE page.

Two of the previously posted exchanges have new comments:
Different Types of DBMS
Comments on my Foreign Keys, Part 2 The Costs of Application-Enforced Integrity

A 'To Laugh or Cry' item was posted on the LAUGH/CRY page.

A link to an exchange I participated was posted on the FP ONLINE page.

And now for something completely different
European data protection watchdogs are closing in on Google, with Spain charging the software giant with six legal infringements punishable by up to €1.5m (£1.3m) in fines, while France has given it three months to rewrite its privacy policy.
On the same day, France's Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libert├ęs (CNIL) gave Google formal notice that it risks a fine of up to €150,000 and a second of €300,000 if it fails to rewrite its privacy policy within three months.
--Google and privacy: European data regulators round on search giant
I'm sure this will put stop to abuses cold.

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