Thursday, June 6, 2013

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Great idea, skeptical about success-it is against the societal grain. Societies are interested in conformism, not critical thinking.

If this and many other such improvements are possible, what is the justification for still focusing on "denormalization for performance"?

In the same vein, why is Michael Stonebraker referring to "legacy relational DBMSs", while demonstrating that the performance limitations and solutions of current SQL systems have actually absolutely nothing to do with their being relational (which, in fact, they are not)? Indeed, everything is about implementation--how could it be otherwise? And he is one of the people who does know the fundamentals! Ah, yes, he is a vendor now.
To his credit, he rejects NoSQL for the right reasons and his solutions to the today's performance needs are sensible. But why does he want to preserve SQL, rather than come up with a TRDBMS? All those solutions, don't they validate our claim, for decades, that such a system can be excellent performer? Why, as an implementor, he did not design one?

Note: I happen to know what the solution is for the performance factors for which he does not have any, but unfortunately cannot say anything about it (it's deja vu TransRelational Model(TM) all over again).

And now for something completely different.

Twitter's identity crisis

Zynga to lay off 18 percent of staff, shut offices, slash infrastructure

Facebook loses advertisers again

See a pattern? No? Does the following help?

Yahoo Shuts Down Mail Classic, Forces Switch To New Version That Scans Your Emails To Target Ads

How about this:

America, It's Time to Start Making Things Again

If you still don't, I've hinted about it in my last All Analytics post (see FP ONLINE PAGE). It was predictable.

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