Thursday, February 28, 2013

Site Update

The Quote of the Week was posted on the QUOTES page.

A 'To Laugh or Cry item was posted on the LAUGH/CRY page. I usually prefer recent items, but once in a while I come across old ones that I just cannot resist.This is one is from 2003 and thingd have gotten worse.

The link to my latest All Analytics column was posted on the FP ONLINE page.

Links to online exchanges I participated in were posted on the FP ONLINE page.Here's a comment from one:
From my experience, that traditional model has changed as data warehouses are being driven to near real time business intelligence and used as a common repository for disparate systems. The separation between front line systems and data warehouses was due to software and hardware demands could not handle a mixed work load, minimizing costs, plus application products requiring different data stores. The world has moved on. There are DBMS's that can handle mixed work loads with enormous scalability. Application products are becoming broader in business features. Pricing models have changed.
So the whole idea of a distinction between operational databases and data warehouses significant enough to require distinct database technologies, let alone deviations from the relational model, has not exactly held water, has it? Which was pretty predictable.

Roy Hann has posted a comment on my article on SQL redundancy: Fabian Pascal on Ingres

An  old blog post that links to a page on my old site no longer available, so I don't know what the subject was, but something that makes sense, for a change:  How do we tell truths that might hurt

An interesting read on renting software: You Will Subscribe To, Not Buy Software. Worth reading for some of the negatives of the Cloud which, as is usually the case, are disregarded when a fad is being pushed to extremes.

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