Thursday, February 14, 2013

Site Update

I will give the keynote address at the Northern California Oracle UG spring conference on Wednesday, May 22 at the CarrAmerica conference center in Pleasanton. I will also present one of my "To Laugh or Cry?" sessions. Full details forthcoming on the SCHEDULE page.

The decision whether to link to a debunked article or not is a difficult one. On my old site I did not. On this site I've reversed the policy, but I have not been comfortable with it. Given that currently googling a title is a very simple and efficient way to find the item, I decided to list the title, but opt for selective linking based on the following criteria:
  • the overall substance must be over a certain threshold
  • not all the content is quoted in my debunking
The new policy was applied first to the last post.

The Quote of the Week was posted on the QUOTES page.

I came across Much Ado About Nothing that does a good job of demonstrating why I consider Hugh Darwen' proposed solution less practical than mine in The Final NULL in the Coffin. In particular, my solution relies entirely on the DBMS, not on users.

A link to a To Laugh or Cry? item was posted on LAUGH/CRY? page.

Links to several exchanges I participated in were posted on the FP ONLINE page.

I am extremely wary of the so very liberal use of the term Data Architect, the inflation of positions so titled and of the professionals who present themselves as such. Do you know of any architect who designs the building, does the engineering blueprints and serves as building contractor?

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