Thursday, August 23, 2012

Weekly DBDebunk News

The last Laugh or Cry? item was a thread on NULLs at A reader commented that he could not tell whether I am "mocking (1) the question (2) the current answers or (3) the StackExchange forum" in the thread. So perhaps I should explain: Laugh or Cry? items are too taxing to debunk and pretty hopeless. But these items are not just entertainment (or pain, as it is for some of us), but also opportunities to test yourself on foundation knowledge. Lack of clarity on what is wrong indicates some gap that needs filling.

Now, of course, not everything is wrong in long threads, but it is precisely the ability to distinguish between sensible pronouncements and nonsense that foundation knowledge confers.

In fact, a thread I debunked at the old site is an excellent illustration of what I mean. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: One more reason for old posts: despite all the claims of "progress", some are evidence to the contrary: that fundamental problems are not resolved and that there is even regress in that progress.

I last revised the papers in January 2011. The current revisions are major expansions/overhauls which I may well renumber version 1. The first paper I announced earlier, Business Modeling for Database Design, required a bit
more effort than I initially thought, so I have delayed the publication a bit for further refinements--it'll be worth the wait.

I am also testing the waters of self-publishing on Kindle --no small hassle--with the kind help of Charlie Clark (thanks, Charlie).

The seminars are undergoing a similar overhaul. I highly recommend them ( and I am not biased! :)). Go ahead, organize one.

If you noticed, I am interleaving some posts from the old site with new ones. This is not just laziness or to fill space. I am soon going to drop the old site and I am selecting very carefully those that are too valuable to lose.

Besides, their revision does not take much less time and effort than writing new ones.

I have now added the original post date and dated the revised section to all of them, for proper context (thanks, Yiorgos, for suggesting it).

Have a nice weekend.

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