Friday, August 17, 2012

Weekly DBDebunk News

1. My first post for my new Data Fundamentals column at TechWeb's AllAnalytics:

Knowing What a Database Is

2. Last week I reported some Blogger bugs. One of them changes the URL's of the static pages when they are updated. The Seminars, Papers, LaughCry, Quotes and About are static pages, which means that I won't update them until Google fixes it, although I will continue to post updates in the blog.
If such an update scrolls before you read it you will have to go back to it to read it. I apologize for the inconvenience.

I am keeping a list of the pertinent posts and will update the pages as soon as the problem is solved.

3. Oops, forgot. Some of you may be experiencing broken links. I have a bunch of posts in draft mode in the pipe and and at one point I mistakenly posted all of them and had to take them off. Some of you are accessing those dead links. But not to worry: all of them will be posted in time, although they may have different URL.Again, sorry for the inconvenience, chuck it to birth pains.

Have a nice weekend.

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