Here you can order books and two series of papers targeted at the data professional/user who thinks critically and independently and appreciates a scientific approach rather than follows the IT industry's fad-driven "cookbook mode". Both series offer accessible explanations of the real RDM—what we believe it would have been had  E.F. Codd completed his work—and the practical implications thereof. It is derived from a re-interpretation of his work that is consistent with its theoretical foundation and is distinct from the conventional wisdom that emerged in the industry after Codd's passing. 

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This series review, analyze and interpret E. F. Codd’s published papers to make the letter and spirit of the real RDM from which its practical advantages derive accessible to the independent, critical thinking practitioner who prefers understanding to following the fad-driven, “cookbook approach” of the industry.

The Interpretation & Representation of Database Relations - E.F. Codd 1969-70 Papers v2 (forthcoming)

Logical Access, Data Sublanguage, Kinds of Relations (Redundancy and Consistency – E.F. Codd Papers  v2 (forthcoming)


 This series:

  • Dispels common, misuse and abuse of data and relational fundamentals;
  • Clarifies fundamental terminology, concepts and features of the real RDM that are ignored, distorted and misunderstood in the industry;
  • Conveys the practical advantages of  RDM of which practitioners are unaware and/or which the industry has failed to deliver.







Table of Contents

Series Preface



1. Entities, Properties, Names, and Identification

2. Relational Representation

3. Relational Keys

    3.1. Kinds of Keys

           3.1.1. Candidate, Primary and Alternate Keys

           3.1.2. Natural and Surrogate Keys

4. Formal Primary Key Mandate

5. Primary Key Designation

6. Keys and Constraints

7. Keys and Performance

   7.1. Keys and Indexes



Appendix A: Keys in SQL

Appendix B: Duplicates and Consequences

B1. Duplicate Interpretation

B2. Duplicates in SQL

      B2.1. Duplicates and Correctness

      B2.2. Duplicates and Query Nestability

      B2.3. Language Redundancy & Duplicates

      B2.4. Duplicates and Performance Optimization

      B2.5. Duplicate Removal




Table of Contents


1.      The Normal Form

2.      The First Normal Form

3.      Domain Decomposability & Atomicity

4.      1NF & Tables

5.      SQL & 1NF

5.1.     Repeating Groups & Repeated Attributes

5.2.     IP & SQL


More forthcoming:  

  • DATABASE RELATIONS - A Definitive Guide  (in progress)

  • THE FINAL NULL IN THE COFFIN - A Relational Solution to Missing Data


  • RELATIONAL DOMAINS - The Database Glue


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