Friday, March 31, 2023

I Left Ceausescu's Romania for AI Algorithms??? At Least Him I Understood!!

 I just received the following email from Quora:


Your answer has been deleted

Your answer has been deleted as it was found to be in violation of our Spam policy. To learn more about Quora's policy, click here. If you think this is an error, you can appeal here.  


What?????????? I had just posted my first answer on Quora:

They don't mention, of course, that they bombard me several times a day with spam, including asking me to answer random questions on the platform!!!!

I left Facebook, I am practically off Twitter -- so why the hell did I bother to engage on any new platform? Serves me right.

UPDATE: I appealed and the post was reinstated with apologies. Aside from the insult and the hassle to complain, corrections will become practically impossible as "AI" algorithms take over everything. You will have to appeal to these algorithms too and that will be talking to the wall.

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