Friday, June 8, 2018

DBDebunk on Social Media

I have deleted my Facebook account and am focusing my presence on social media on two Twitter pages, DBDebunk, and The PostWest.


On DBDebunk  I will tweet links to new posts on this site, To Laugh or Cry? and What's Wrong with This Picture? that I am bringing back there, and occasional links to and comments on items of interest. I have created a #RelModel hashtag for use with it.

On ThePostWest I will tweet links to evidence for, and my take on (1) Dystopian Western Decadence and Decline, including (2) the equivalence of The Only Acceptable Racism Left and The Weaponized Myth of a "Palestinian Nation". I will create a #ThePostWest later on for use with it.

Please make a note of it, disseminate, and follow.

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