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1. What's wrong with this picture
"I have two tables, one is product which is a parent table with one primary key and i do have another child table of product, which is a product_details table. But the child table is linking with parent table(product) with logical data instead of foreign key,as we are doing this relationship with the help of java code in the coding side, instead of depending on the data base, which make it as tight couple. To avoid tight coupling between the tables we are storing the primary key value in the child table.

CREATE TABLE `tbl_product` (
 `product_id` varchar(200) NOT NULL,
 `product_details_id` varchar(200) DEFAULT NULL,
 `currency` varchar(20) DEFAULT NULL,
 `lead_time` varchar(20) DEFAULT NULL,
 `brand_id` varchar(20) DEFAULT NULL,
 `manufacturer_id` varchar(150) DEFAULT NULL,
 `category_id` varchar(200) DEFAULT NULL,
 `units` varchar(20) DEFAULT NULL,
 `transit_time` varchar(20) DEFAULT NULL,
 `delivery_terms` varchar(20) DEFAULT NULL,
 `payment_terms` varchar(20) DEFAULT NULL,
 PRIMARY KEY (`product_id`));

CREATE TABLE `tbl_product_details` (
 `product_details_id` varchar(200) NOT NULL,
 `product_id` varchar(200) DEFAULT NULL,
 `product_name` varchar(50) DEFAULT NULL,
 `landingPageImage` varchar(100) DEFAULT NULL,
 `product_description_brief` text CHARACTER SET latin1,
 `product_description_short` text CHARACTER SET latin1,
 `product_price_range` varchar(50) DEFAULT NULL,
 `product_discount_price` varchar(20) DEFAULT NULL,
 `production_Type` varchar(20) DEFAULT NULL,
 PRIMARY KEY (`product_details_id`),
 UNIQUE KEY `product_id` (`product_id`));
Please suggest the Pros and Cons of the design, we are following this kind of relationship in my company, as the manager is saying it will give us flexible to us. I know that if we lose the data from the table, we can't know the relationship between the two tables."

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2. Quote of the Week

"FOREIGN KEYs are not a requirement -- they are a convenience. Without them you need a INDEX and you need to either replace the "consistency checking" they provide, or ignore the problem."

3. To Laugh or Cry?


4. Of Interest


Review by Craig Mullins: A Useful Guide to Data Fundamentals from Fabian Pascal 
Review by Todd Everett.

And now for something completely different

New at The PostWest: America, Inside and Out and
The New World Order

My Take of the Week

"Albert Speer convinced himself of what remains one of the shibboleths of the technical professions to this day: that science and technology, no matter what their implications or the ends toward which they are employed, are completely apolitical and amoral in character.

This is a fiction we must devote ourselves to breaking — in our culture at large, but starting with the education of the practitioners of the technological and scientific enterprise. Insofar as they are concerned with discovering truths about nature, scientists can argue that knowledge of the truth, regardless of its implications, is better than ignorance. But engineers, as they convert these scientific truths into technical capacities, must concern themselves with the moral consequences of where their engineering creativity may lead. Increasingly today, we focus our engineering education almost exclusively on the analytical core of science and mathematics." --The Architecture of Evil
Tech worker resistance is crucial to preventing large-scale human rights abuses in the U.S., but America suffers from The Dropout Fallacy promoted by those who own the society and understand that education is the obstacle to their tyrannic control and exploitation of the public (Peter Thiel Believes the Future Belongs to College Dropouts ).

The "Most Pro-Israel Administration"

Anti-semitism? Nah, Just Criticism of Israel Policies

Article of the Week

Obama and the UN's outrageous assault on Israel's legitimacy

Audio of the Week

Martin Kramer: Lies, damned lies and scholarship

Pinch-me of the Week

Site of the Week

NGO Monitor

Book of the week (Purchase via this link to support the site)

Laqueur W. and Schueftan D., (Eds), THE ISRAEL-ARAB READER: A DOCUMENTARY HISTORY OF THE MIDDLE EAST CONFLICT, 8th Ed. Revised and Updated

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