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Data Sublanguages, Programming and Data Integrity

My December post @All Analytics

Both data science employers and candidates stress the eclectic nature of the required skills, programming in particular. Indeed, coding has acquired such an elevated role, that it now entirely replaces education. Aside from the societal destructive consequences of this trend, in the context of data management it is a regressive self-fulfilling prophecy that obscures and disregards the core practical objective of database management to minimize programming. You can frequently encounter it in comments like:
"Anything you can model in a DBMS you can model in Java. The next paradigm shift is business rules centralized in Java business objects, rather than hard-coded in SQL for better manageability, scalability, etc. The only ones that should reside in a database are referential integrity (and sometimes even that isn't really necessary). Don't let pushy DBAs tell you otherwise -- integrity constraints slow down development as well as performance."
Upside down and backwards.

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1. Quote of the Week

"The value of the model may be diminishing in certain enterprises, since busy with deliverables." --Harshendu Desai,

3. To Laugh or Cry?

5 Reasons Relational Databases Hold Back Your Business

4. Added to the LINKS page

  • What a Database Really Is: Predicates and Propositions
  • The Logical Fallacies

5. Of Interest

And now for something completely different

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My take of the week

Choosing not to veto, Obama lets anti-settlement resolution pass at UN Security Council
The press refused to publish Obama's Chicago speech to the Palestinian lobby to hide his anti-semitism. He was never as troubled by Assad, or Putin, or Erdogan as he was by Netanyahu.  That's because Jews have always been a soft target (Barak Obama's Israeli Settlements Canard).  If that is not anti-semitism, I don't know what is.
When the US is in the same camp with Russia, China, Iran and Turkey and her acts are cheered by Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah, she has sold out and moved to the dark side.

America (like most other countries) is occupied Indian land via atrocities (and not by people who returned to their own country, like the Jews did). So when America returns its settlements to the Indians, Israel will return its "settlements" (which Israelis got when they defended themselves from "being thrown into the sea"). Until then moralizing and selling out Israel to genocidal terrorists is hypocritical anti-semitism, just like everyone else's (see below).

Global Hypocritical Anti-semitism




Article of the week

Israel and the Occupation Myth

Video of the week
The Red Disaster. The "life" in Romania during the 60s. The Jews did the worst due to deep anti-semitism. America paid Ceausescu to get us out, but neither she nor Europe wanted us. Had there been no Israel, we would have probably starved to death, not necessarily in a rotten jail. Nobody talks about us, or the hundreds of thousands of the Jewish refugees kicked out from the Arab countries, none of whom were murderous, but everybody is obsessed with the suffering of the Palestinians, who are genocidal.

Pinch-me of the week

Ahmad Tibi urges Israelis not to ‘live by the sword’. As if she is allowed to live without it.

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