Monday, September 26, 2016

This Week

1. Quote of the Week
"Which leads to another bad experience: the pernicious use of foreign keys. In the ORMs I've used, links between classes are represented in the data model as foreign keys which, if not configured carefully, result in a large number of joins when retrieving the object. (A recent count of one such table in my work resulted in over 600 attributes and 14 joins to access a single object, using the preferred query methodology.)
When you have foreign keys, you refer to related identities with an identifier. In your application, "identifier" takes on various meanings, but usually it's the memory location (a pointer). In the database, it's the state of the object itself. These two things don't really get along because you can really only use database identifiers in the database (the ultimate destination of the data you're working with)."

2. To Laugh or Cry?

3. Of Interest

4. Added links

  • On Making Relational Division Comprehensible (PDF) (to LINKS page)
  • HaskellDB Examples (to LINKS page)
  • HaskellDB (to Software list on HOME page)

And Now for Something Completely Different

The PostWest (A decaying civilization whose whole future is behind it)

Article of the Week

Decline and fall: how American society unravelled

Pinch me of the week

Syria says Israeli 'terrorism' threatens entire region

Video of the week
The Secret History of the Global Financial Collapse

Book of the week (purchase via this link to support this site)


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