Sunday, June 19, 2016

This Week

1. What's wrong with this picture?

This week's picture is the one of the state of knowledge about keys that Martijn Evers painted in Kinds of Keys: On the Nature of Key Classifications, that I had already commented on. As a result of discussions I've been having with David McGoveran in the context of our forthcoming books (his LOGIC FOR SERIOUS DATABASE FOLKS, my DBDEBUNK GUIDE TO FUNDAMENTAL DATA MANAGEMENT MISCONCEPTIONS), I've decided to rewrite my
comments On Kinds of Keys on the subject. I refer the reader to Martijn's article for a refresher--my rewrite will be posted next week.

2. Quote of the Week

There are no rules of normalization for non-relational databases. Effectively, you start out by denormalizing everything. Which means you're designing the data organization to serve specific queries. So follow the same principle in NoSQL databases as you would for denormalizing a relational database: design your queries first, then the structure of the database is derived from the queries. --Bill Karwin, What is a good way to design a NoSQL database

3. To Laugh or Cry?

The NoSQL flavor of databases has come en vogue in the last few years in certain technology sectors, primarily ones that are evolving so quickly that having to slow down to put forethought into your data store and how it's going to be structured might literally be the difference between your whole company suceeding or not. --Explaining NoSQL Databases to My Mom,

4. Of Interest
Fabian Pascal on Ingres

And now for something completely different

Pinch me of the week

Amid war, UN warns Syrians smoking is a grave health risk
The PostWest (The West's future is all behind it)
MUST SEE: As Israelis lay dying, @NBC blames victims for Palestinian brutality.
"We understand the Israeli government's desire to protect its citizens after this kind of terrorist attack," said Mark Toner, a spokesman for the State Department. "We would just hope that any measures that Israel takes would be designed to not escalate tensions any further, but we certainly respect their desire to express outrage and to protect the safety of their people." Did it issue similar warning to #France and #Belgium?
"In the twilight of the Obama era, the US is steeped in an identity crisis. The Democratic Party has been radicalized. The Republican Party is in disarray as the forces of populism and prejudice have been unleashed by Donald Trump’s unforeseen rise. Under the circumstances, and given that the disastrous legacy of Obama’s foreign policy, it is hard to see the US restoring its global leadership in the near future." Israel rises in the East
"Once targeted with “Go Back to Palestine” graffiti in the 1930’s, the same narrative applies today, yet in reverse. “Leave Palestine” is the new trend, as a number of Europeans continue in their quest to wipe Jews off the world map, as they disguise their new Nazism as anti-Zionist sentiment." Rising Anti-Semitism, Rising Waters; God’s Going Old School on Europe
"Across Europe, cartoonists, artists and writers are forced to live under police protection, and also often face criminal prosecution--all for the "crime" of offending Islam." The Death of Free Speech in Europe (VIDEO)
"Biblical-style lamentations over Israel’s final corruption have been a staple of the state’s critics and die-hard anti-Zionists for 70 years. Never have they been so detached from reality. Of course, Israel has changed—decidedly for the better. By every measure, Israel is more globalized, prosperous, and democratic than at any time in its history. As nearby parts of the Middle East slip under waves of ruthless sectarian strife, Israel’s minorities rest secure. As Europe staggers under the weight of unwanted Muslim migrants, Israel welcomes thousands of Jewish immigrants from Europe. As other Mediterranean countries struggle with debt and unemployment, Israel boasts a growing economy, supported by waves of foreign investment." Israel and the Post-American Middle East - Why the Status Quo Is Sustainable
"The Dutch and Swiss governments, along with Sweden and Denmark, provide $17 million to the NGO framework that promote BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions) targeting Israel over three years ending in 2016. As documented in NGO Monitor research reports, this money is used for core funding to 24 NGO's, including many of the leaders of BDS and lawfare campaigns, such as Badil and Al Haq, and a number of Israeli political NGOs. The extreme secrecy in budgets for radical NGOs, involving tens of millions of euros, opened the door for many abuses, including BDS and other forms of demonization." Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Secretariat

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