Sunday, March 6, 2016

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1. Quote of the Week
[With] a declarative language and you have no real control over the execution plan. Heck, Oracle 12c can use multiple different execution plans for the same query depending on bind parameters, statistics not matching reality, and the phase of the moon.

No declarative language will ever be a first-class programming citizen in my eyes. Too much magic. Too non-linear. Too hard to debug for those reasons. They are great for when you have to do really simple things but once you step off the well worn path, you are in the thicket.

2. To Laugh or Cry?

3. Online Debunkings

5. Added to LINKS page
Arrogance, slashing Slashdot (and MySQL) and the end of America

6. And now for something completely different

"The PostWest" Series (or The Future of the West Is All behind It)
In BBC's The Manners of Downton Abbey the series' expert historian describes ecstatically the English society in the early 20th century as based on "people slaving 24 hours downstairs so that the people upstairs can live a life of perfect leisure". At least the latter gave the former free room and board.
Not so the in the new version of that society in Sillicon Valley.
Personal Assistant for busy Landlord/father (pacific heights)
© craigslist

compensation: $18 to $20/hour
I am a landlord managing approximately 60 units with a home-office in Pacific Heights, SF. I currently use an assistant from time to time but I'm finding that I need somebody who can work more hours.
I have two children: a 15-year-old daughter and a 10-year-old son that fence competitively - we are constantly traveling for tournaments.
I would need your help for office management.

Here is a list I have come up with:
1. Bill paying and filing. Opening mail.
2. Managing move in and move outs
3. Tenant correspondence
4. Booking travel. Air/Hotel/Car for tournaments and also pleasure travel
5. Organizing around the house
6. Helping with parties and entertaining
7. Odd jobs of all kinds. If you are handy that is great. For example: Change light bulb
8. Driving the kids to fencing in the outer Sunset
9. Internet research
10. Posting and grooming ads on craigslist, Airbnb etc.
11. Helping with car service
12. Showing and re rental of units
13. Data entry. Migration to on line property management system
14. Ordering on line, Amazon Fresh/prime.

A plus if you can provide tutoring for kids, know interior design, know construction, Word and Excel a plus. 
And here is the "efficient free market" mechanism which brought it back:
and the "society" it produces:

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    Video of the week
    Donald Trump  is not only the candidate you would expect in this system, but also the president it deserves.

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