Sunday, February 7, 2016

This Week

1. Quote of the Week
NULL values can be very useful, especially on indexes, as an indication of "index is not set" or "no index here", or "default inherited index applies".

I use Null values extensively (in huge database systems) with not only no problems whatsoever, but measurably signifcant advantages. People who try to tell you that "Nulls are the work of the devil", or :the sky will fall down if you allow nulls", or some such unsubstantiated childish delusion are exclusively ignorant of the correct ways to handle them. (Or too lazy/ineducable to learn their correct implementation and/or benefits.)

Fact, just plain indisputable fact.

2. To Laugh or Cry?
Time for something that is neither relational nor NoSQL - A Case for Graph Databases

3. Online Debunkings

4. Of Interest Elsewhere

5. And now for something completely different

"The PostWest" Series (or The future of the West is all behind it)

Sillicon Valley & Medievalization & Dumbing Down of Society (see also video below)

"The Only Globally Acceptable Racism" Series (or Fuck the Joos)
"Let's Give Them a State" Series (or Palestine, the Next IS)
"Upside Down & Backwards World" Series (or Pinch Me!)
Book of the week (order via the link to support this site)
Video of the week
San Francisco artist is evicted from his rent-controlled apartment after 34 years

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