Sunday, November 22, 2015

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Housekeeping: Added If a table with a SK has a NK does it violate 3NF? to LINKS page.

1. Quote of the Week

One other intriguing benefit of NoSQL that I started to unwitting benefit from recently is the ability to push data scheme concerns entirely to the application layer. In this scenario, the applications use a NoSQL database predominantly as a storage service, lightly structured by a few indexed key fields. The object structured data document within the payload becomes transparent to the database. The applications then assume the role of enforcing and understanding the data scheme.

This approach allows the application architect to encode the data structures and meaning directly in the code that creates and consumes the data. So data structure changes required for functional updates can be implemented, tested, and deployed in the application code base with no updates to the database layer at all. (Of course, a conversion of existing NoSQL data documents may be required in situations.)

In this NoSQL approach, the removed translation of object data scheme to a relational structure and, and then back to an object structure again is a very welcome relief as well.
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5. And now for something completely different

The PostWest

I have a question for Europe: How has the exchange of your Jews for Muslims worked out for you?   
Yet you're still at it, bringing in millions of them, which is Why Europe's Jews Are Fleeing Once Again You're outraged when you are attacked, but not when Jews and Israelis die on a daily basis--they are fair game:
and you blame them for both Islamist terror against you and themselves:
No matter how anti-semitic you are and how much Muslim ass you kiss, you still don't get that it won't help you. But Jews are too instinctive and conveniently non-violent a target to give up.

It's not better in the US:
but Or consider the difference in reaction when a militant American Arab kid is killed by Israeli police and an American Jewish kid killed by Palestinian terror:
but Anti-semitism? Nah, just real care for the plight of the Palestinians. And if you believe that, I have a tower in Paris and a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.
Pinch me

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When Someone Said “Not All Muslims Are Bad”

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