Sunday, October 11, 2015

Weekly Update (UPDATED)

Housekeeping: Added following to LINKS page:

1. Quote of the Week
"The real definition of Big Data?? Simple: Whatever does not fit in Excel!"

Me: What is--precisely, pls!--the threshold from small to big data? And how do the structural, manipulative and integrity aspects change over the threshold?

HM: Big data := the smallest set of data for which the sensitivity of your transfer function is minimal, and such that the cardinality of this set is too large to implement said transfer function on a single physical machine.Transfer function := though not strictly a function, as in the Lambda calculus, it is more of an operator which ingests data of any size and produces a monetizeable product or service. Sensitivity := the degree to which a perturbation on the input into a transfer function affects the result produced by said function.

Me: Ugh! I'm sure that's exactly what all the overnight data scientists, including those who invented Big Data, had in

2. To Laugh or Cry?

It's a bit ironic that SQL is being called "awesome" because it has a feature for "running totals" that relies on row ordering --Erwin Smout
Data-Centric Manifesto
They have just discovered "the prevailing application-centric mindset that gives applications priority over data"?

3. Online Debunkings

4. Of Interest Elsewhere
Chris Date and the Relational Model
5. And now for something completely different.

The PostWest
Pope urges U.S. to end hostility toward immigrants
Ah, the Vatican: Nazi and Muslim immigrants only, certainly not Jews.
Pope Francis and the Jews: The weakness of goodness
"Some of the very traits that make Pope Francis so admirable and beloved may actually turn out to be open to manipulation."
Pope expresses solidarity with Muslims after stampede
How about solidarity with Mid-East Christians oppressed, killed and driven away by Muslims?
A leftie with divine authority is dangerous, but predictable.

Pinch me.

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