Tuesday, May 26, 2015

New Versions of All 6 Papers

I have just posted descriptions of all new versions of all six papers in the PRACTICAL DATABASE FOUNDATIONS Series:

#1: Business Modeling for Database Design
#2: The Costly Illusion: Normalization, Integrity and Performance
#3: The Last NULL in the Coffin: A Relational Solution to Missing Data
#4: The Key to Keys: A Matter of Identity
#5: Truly Relational: What It Really Means
#6: Domains: The Database Glue

The changes are significant and there are a few error corrections.

Since these are new versions, not revisions, the following applies:

  • Those who ordered in 2015 get free copies.
  • Those who ordered in 2014 get a 50% discount.
Please email me with proof of purchase.

For more details and how to order see PAPERS page.

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