Saturday, April 18, 2015

Weekly Update

1. Quote of the Week
To clarify my point further, although M doesn't care about how it's implemented, the implementation has a strong influence on the logical structures that it's trying to implement. In a normalized or demoralized [sic] debate, a fully normalized physical schema is always good, when implemented on an infinite performance hardware.

2. To Laugh or Cry?
I recently attended a presentation on Azure DocumentDB, Microsoft's NoSQL cloud product. I made the following notes:

  • Polyglot persistence: Wasn't this what the RDM was supposed to substitute? 
  • Hierarchy: Didn't we get rid of HDM decades ago?
  • NoSQL: No SQL, but a "SQL-like" language (it's barely relational and now it's used for documents?)
  • No integrity, data independence: Nothing learned from the past.
  • Cloud: At least mainframes were under each company's control.

3. Online Debunkings

Comments on "Michael Stonebraker Explains Oracle’s Obsolescence, Facebook’s Enormous Challenge"
4. Interesting Elsewhere
Unskilled and Unaware of It
5. And now for something completely different

Brin: Write a contract to sell my soul to the devil
A Freudian slip? 

The PostWest  

Want to understand why the West systematically loses against its enemies? e.g.
Read this:  The Blackmailer Paradox! The enemy gets this Game Theory Calls Cooperation into Question but the West does not.
Back in my old country we'd say "They pee on you and you pretend it's raining".


The Oldest, Only Acceptable Hatred
Looks like even with eye-witnesses it has not been very effective.

Let's Give Them a State

This week's video
but Islam has nothing to do with Islam

This week's book
A New History of Life

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