Wednesday, February 25, 2015

SQLSaturday Presentation

March 28, 11:15,  Mountain View


You're a SQL Server ace: your ability to squeeze everything from SQL and your performance tuning skills are unparalleled, but do you know what your tables really mean and, therefore, what queries make sense and whether results are correct and their interpretations sensible? This is a critical part of data fundamentals, the grasp of which is poor. It is a subject usually neither much covered in education, nor part of job requirements and industry dialogue, yet can defeat the entire purpose of your DBMS expertise. This presentation covers
  • Meaning, business rules and table interpretations;
  • Types of business rule; 
  • Meaning and database truth; 
  • Business rules, integrity constraints and database consistency; 
  • DBMS and user reponsibilities.
Session Level: Intermediate

Event full details

Contact: Mark Ginnebaugh

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