Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Version and Revision of Papers

V.1 of paper #6, Domains: The Database Glue, was a significant revision of a chapter in my 2003 book. I have just completed V.2, which is a brand new version, a complete overhaul.

I strongly recommend those who purchased the paper to email me for a free copy.

Table of Contents


1. Properties, Domains and Types
1.1. Data Types
1.2. Domains and System-defined Types
1.3. Domains vs. Types
1.4. Attributes, Columns and Meaningful Comparability
1.5. Value Atomicity

2. Domain Types
2.1. User-defined Domains
2.2. Simple and Complex Domains

3. Domains and SQL

4. Some Practical Implications
4.1. "Universal" DBMS
4.2. Entities or Properties?
4.3. R-tables or Objects?
4.4. Tackling Complexity



I have also revised paper #1, Business Modeling for Database Design, from V.3 to V.3.1, with respect to domains and data types, for consistency with the new version of paper #6.

Those who purchased the paper in 2014 should email me for a free copy; 2013 buyers are eligible for a 50% discount.

Table of Contents


1. Business Modeling
1.1. Basic Modeling Concepts
1.2. Business Rules
1.2.1. Property Rules
1.2.2. Class Rules
1.2.3. Associative Entities
1.3. Business Models

2. Database Design
2.1. Formalizing the Informal
2.2. Predicates and Propositions
2.3. The Relational Data Model
2.3.1. Relational Structure
2.3.2. Relational Manipulation
2.3.3. Relational Integrity External Predicates Internal Predicates
2.4. Logical Models

3. Understanding Database Management
3.1. Note on missing values
3.2. A Foundation Framework

Appendix A: Constraint Formulation and Verification

Appendix B: Integrity Constraints in Dataphor’s D4

Appendix C: Applying the Framework


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