Sunday, May 11, 2014

Weekly Update

1. I will give the following presentation

Big Data, Analytics and Normalization
"Big Data may offer analytical insights, but with almost certainty will produce really big lies from 100% correct data", particularly when data are from external sources. This presentation will demonstrate
  • Why and how
  • How to protect yourself
Wednesday, 5/14, 7:00pm
Microsoft San Francisco office
835 Market St.

For more information contact

2. Quote of the Week
Q: How do we do data modeling in NoSQL DB and Big Data??? 
A: Define the schema hierarchically so that the tables in the schema including ER form a forest using a parent relationship i.e. each table has at most one parent key. Now the data retrieval and storage is done using these parent or ancestor keys. Look for google datastore documentation for more details.

3. To Laugh or Cry? and Online

David McGoveran's comments posted last week are a response to the following LinkedIn exchange initiated by Jim Starkey of Rdb and Interbase fame:
Is the Relational Data Model Spent?
Given who Jim is, my instinct is to cry rather than laugh. This is also the Online item, as I participated in the exchange. Jim did not respond publicly to my challenges and claimed in private that I was trolling. You decide, but if I am a troll, so is David.

4. Interesting elsewhere
Do graph databases deprecate relational databases?
H/t Erwin Smout.

5. And Now for Something Completely Different
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