Sunday, January 5, 2014

Weekly Update

1.  Quote of the Week
As you might have gathered, I think NoSQL is technology to be taken very seriously. If you have an application problem that maps well to a NoSQL data model - such as aggregates or graphs - then you can avoid the nastiness of mapping completely. Indeed this is often a reason I've heard teams go with a NoSQL solution. This is, I think, a viable route to go - hence my interest in increasing our understanding of NoSQL systems. But even so it only works when the fit between the application model and the NoSQL data model is good ... And of course there are many situations where you're stuck with a relational model anyway. Maybe it's a corporate standard that you can't jump over, maybe you can't persuade your colleagues to accept the risks of an immature technology. In this case you can't avoid the mapping problem.

2. To Laugh or Cry?
Which database type to use (one big database or many smaller)?

3. Online

Check out the last update's exchange--more comments have been posted since:

4. Elsewhere
Set In Stone

5. And now for something completely different
Multivitamins Doctors Say Stop Taking Them
Half of U.S. adults take vitamins, supplements routinely
Draw your own conclusion.

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