Saturday, November 9, 2013

Site Update

1. Quote of the Week.
My best advice in all architecture, and platform choices, like RDBMS vs NoSql. The number 1 question, every single assumption you have about the system, the "this is important because X Y X and this that etc etc. Every single "has to be" you have there, expect every single part of it to change. How would you build your system if every "key fact" was expected to change. These key facts, that are supposed to be pillars are actually volatility themselves and need accounted for, not accepted. --LinkedIn

2. To Laugh or Cry?
How can we add employees, dept and location tables in oracle 10g?

3. Online exchanges I participated in

I am referring you back to an item I posted in last update:
What is a Data Model And which “Data Model” do you prefer?
for two reasons: comments were added since then that should be read, some of which belong in the "To Laugh or Cry" category.

4. What do these two items tell you?
Next gen NoSQL: The demise of eventual consistency
Currently search engines are thought of as tools to find text but Ashok Chandra, Microsoft distinguished scientist and general manager of the Interaction and Intent Group at Microsoft Research Silicon Valley, believes people soon will think of search engines as “task engines.”
“Search technology began with words,” says Chandra.  “We built a whole search infrastructure around words. But in this new era of search, we are working with entities, because people think in terms of them, such as a hotel, a movie, an event, a hiking trail, or a person. The Leibniz platform is designed from the ground up to deal in entities, with the goal of making it easier for people to accomplish the tasks they set out to do.”
--A Look Microsoft’s ‘Leibniz’ Platform
BTW, I love "Interaction and Intent Group". Wonderful.

5. And now for something completely different.
 I Challenged Hackers to Investigate Me

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