Saturday, October 12, 2013

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1. Quote of the Week
... MongoDB, or RavenDB ... are excellent for non-relational, loose schema databases. Databases always have schemas, the data is the schema, inherently in dbs like Raven & Mongo.

2. To Laugh or Cry?
Easy Steps to a Complete Understanding of SQL

3.  Three online exchanges on my E/RM post in which in participated.
Entity-Relationship Model Not a Data Model
Entity-Relationship Model Not a Data Model
Entity-Relationship Model Not a Data Model
The last one is an excellent validation that many data professionals erroneously believe they know and understand the RM--which prevents them from appreciating its value and doing something about it. It also demonstrates that schooling is not education.

I may tackle some of the comments in a future post.

4.  How much would you bet against my suspicion that there is little/superficial, if any, relational
background to this?
SQL Database for Beginners
6.  And now for something completely different

 From article on Marissa Meyer:
They say her obsession with the user experience masks a disdain for the money-making side of the technology industry. There is some truth to what they say ... Mayer joined Google as a programmer and rose to become the executive in charge of the way Google search and many other popular Google products looked to web users ... She obsessed over pixels; their hue, shade, and placement. She co-authored a handful of patents, including an important one for Google: "Graphical user interface for a universal search engine." By 2005, Mayer moved into management, overseeing the look and feel of Google's most important products ... But being in charge of how Google products should look, Mayer's job was, basically, to relate with Google's millions of users. How would she do that? ... The first is that she would recreate the technological circumstances of her users in her own life. ...  Mayer's second method was to lean on data. She would track, survey, and measure every user interaction with Google products, and then use that data to design and re-design.
Wow, and after all this the user interface of all Google's online services sucks, they are buggy and there is practically no user support? Imagine what will happen without Marissa Meyer there!

And, oh, the cultural sophistication of the technology elite. Helps understand their output.
2013 Tour de Coop Chickens, Beehives & Homesteads Silicon Valley Funcheap

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