Sunday, July 28, 2013

Site Update

Some housekeeping. The posting to the blog and multiple static pages is a bit of a hassle. I am also facing some work on my seminars and papers. Until further notice:
  • There will be one post/week--alternating articles and Site Updates (I may skip the latter on certain weeks, if absolutely necessary);
  • Quotes and links to LAUGH/CRY? and FP ONLINE will be posted directly into Site Update posts (like below); the respective static Pages will be updated at the end of each month.
Some tool that would automate posts and updates in one shot would have helped. I looked into it, but for various reasons (including Google's Blogger updates), nothing is available (if you know of any, preferably from experienc, please recommend).

Quote of the Week:
...the relational model has no relationships since Codd decreed that all relationships must be represented by foreign keys, which are exactly the same as "attributes" ... Consider if we had a bunch of tables, each containing the thing A. Now what is the population of A? It cannot be found in any one of the tables. It is actually the union of all the populations of A plus more if we allow A to exist (i.e., be of interest to us) but does not appear in any of the tables. That would be the case of a master reference list of "codes" for which we would then build a separate table. But even that is insufficient. We would also have to define and enforce referential integrity everywhere an A appeared. All of this is handled explicitly and correctly in ORM -- we model objects (each one appears only once in a data model diagram) and relationships. There are no attributes. As I said before, an attribute is an object playing a role in a relationship with another object.
To Laugh or Cry?
What’s the Best Way for Structured Data Computing in Java?
FP Online:
Let's innovate....database
Good advice:
Designing a Database: 7 Things You don't Want To Do
But why it bothers me?

And now for something completely different.
NSA claims inability to search agency's own emails
Clueless doctor sleeps through math class, reinvents calculus…and names it after herself. At least the doctor re-invented something in a different field. Data professionals do it all the time in their own field.
You can't make these things up.

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