Friday, May 10, 2013

Site Update

My keynote address at the Northern California Oracle User Group Spring 2013 Conference is on the SCHEDULE page.

BTW: If you live in San Francisco, attend the conference on 5/22 and can give me rides to and/or from Pleasanton, or know somebody who can, it will be greatly appreciated. Please email me at the address on the About page.

The 'Quote of the Week' was posted on the QUOTES page.

A 'To Laugh or Cry' item was posted on the LAUGH/CRY page.

A link to an online exchange I participated in was posted to the FP ONLINE page.

I will probably address some of the issues on my All Analytics blog. Stay tuned.

San Jose State Philosophy Dept. Criticizes Online Courses

Didn't I tell you so?

Google Aims To Patent Policy Violation Checker, Potentially Revolutionizing Email Snooping

Any organization that grows beyond a certain size and gains a certain level of market dominance -- what is called 'institutional power' -- is not any different than an oppressive government. One of the indicators of reaching that level is the creation of a lobbying arm and gradually increasing the focus on it, as well as for the disregard of the public.

There was IBM, then Microsoft, now it's Google and Facebook. But a significant difference between the former two, other than arrogance due to corruptive power which is common to all dominant corporations and the latter two, is the nature of their business models. Exclusive reliance on advertising, whose profitability inherently decreases with time pushes  into ever more evil behavior in order to sustain grows and profitability.

A Google search that hit my site:

"which is better, a highly normalized database or a database structure that makes end user data acces".

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