Thursday, April 18, 2013

Site Update

My keynote address at the Northern California Oracle User Group Spring 2013 conference was added to the SCHEDULE.

A link to my latest All Analytics column was posted on the ONLINE page.

The Quote of the Week was posted on the QUOTES page.

There was a comment to my recent Un-muddling Modeling, Part 1 that the conceptual and logical models do not require the relationship concept. However, this does not mean we cannot refer to relationships that are implicit in the models and that is usually in response to arguments like this one.

A 'To Laugh or Cry' item was posted on the LAUGH/CRY page.

Nokia Entertainment: Why we went Mongo

An excellent example of how products are selected in the absence of foundation knowledge.


Ideas to integration data sets from structured and unstructured data

Bay Area coding boot camps promise to launch tech careers   
SAN FRANCISCO -- Looking for a career change, Ken Shimizu decided he wanted to be a software developer, but he didn't want to go back to college to study computer science.

A link to an online exchange I participated in was posted to the FP ONLINE page.

How to I create a logical data model for Geospatial Data?

Big Data Is Just For Big Companies - And Other BS

There are two related core cycles in IT: centralization/decentralization/re-centralization and corporatization/democratization/re-corporatization.

I have often referred to the difficulty of conveying informally the formal without losing either the rigor, or the audience. David Portas, one of the few knowledgeable practitioners, demonstrates some of that difficulty in his comments to the following post by Hugo Kornelis: NULL - The database's black hole


Big Data Dilbert

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