Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Site Update

The Quote of the Week was posted on the QUOTES page.

A 'To Laugh or Cry' item was posted on the LAUGH/CRY page. The perils of online business modeling and database design and the time and effort imposed by the absence of foundation knowledge.

Links to online exchanges I participated in were posted on the FP ONLINE page.

The SCHEDULE page is now displaying an online monthly calendar which will be updated with my public seminars/lectures, with links to the details. The direct link is

  • Added Nijssen's CONCEPTUAL SCHEMA AND RELATIONAL DATABASE DESIGN to the recommended books (available via the home page). It is, in my opinion, the best that can be done at the informal conceptual/business level.
  •  Mosley, B., and Marks, P., Out of the Tar Pit. A good read on complexity and the benefits of the relational model (h/t Eric Kaun). 
  • Somebody was endorsed for 'Thought Leadership'. I guess this reflects the increasing rarity of thinking and thinkers. Time to appoint Chief Thought Officers.
  • Solutions Developer. An excellent example of the factotum approach to hiring and the exclusive demand for tool experience. Consider the probability that one person can be sufficiently competent in all the tools, without any guarantee of foundation knowledge. Related: A Data Warehouse quiz.
  • Making Friends with Science provides some context for the previous two items:
Making friends is truly the beginning of making lasting memories. To make friends with science is truly to start with making good friends that make lasting memories about science. I'm starting a new revolution in the way science will be made socially for the community and ask the community to step in and help make science fun, engaging, real, social and most importantly lasting friendships.

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