Saturday, December 29, 2012

Site Update

The new Quote of the Week posted on the QUOTES page is a complement to the previous quote and is by the same author.

Both the quote and the new To Laugh or Cry? item posted to the LAUGH/CRY? page have to do with the author referenced in my prvious post, The Clouding Syndrome. Does he really think that titling his article the way he did elevates him to Codd's level?

My friend David McGoveran has some comments forthcoming, but in the meantime perhaps this is closer to reality.

Added to FP ONLINE page:
  • My latest All Analytics column.
  • A LinkedIn exchange in which I participated (as of this writing my comments are not posted yet). One of the participants recommended the very same article by Meijer mentioned in 1.
For quite a while I just could not display a LinkedIn Share button after each post, next to the other buttons provided by Blogger, no matter what I did and neither Google, nor LinkedIn helped. I was finally able to display it at the bottom of posts, but not exactly where I wanted. I am working on relocating it, but in the meantime it is usable where it is.

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