Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Site Update

A new 'To Laugh or Cry?' link was posted on the LAUGH/CRY? page.

A new 'Quote of the Week' was posted on the QUOTES page.

My latest blog post, Not All Structures Are Created Equal, at All Analytics.

Want to get a sense of what a fad looks like? Check out
Big Data News Network. And if are familiar with my argument that instead of leading the industry with science, academia is following industry's fads by substituting vocational training for education, here's an excellent example: 

Announcing a New Master's Degree: Business Analytics 

The department of information systems and the supply chain management department have joined forces to launch an accelerated and specialized master's degree program in the fast growing field of business analytics. The Master of Science in Business Analytics program is full-time, and students will earn their MS in Business Analytics after one academic year. Classes will start in the fall of 2013, a

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