Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Weekly News


I will give a presentation for the San Francisco SQL Server User Group:

Microsoft Office
835 Market Street
Suite 700
San Francisco, CA (map)

More details here

I am working on a European tour in the March-April time frame. UK will probably be included and possible Israel. Those interested in organizing seminars and/or presentations, or know somebody who might be, please contact me.

Google claims it has resolved the problem with updates changing page URLs, so I have added all the quotes to date to the QUOTES page. LAUGH/CRY page is next.

4. It will take me a while to revise all my papers, so if you order the papers now you will get the already revised Business Modeling for Database Design and current versions of the other papers that will entitle you to revised versions when they are published.

5. There seems to be a problem with adding a LinkedIn share button to the blog, with LinkedIn pointing to Google and Google, as is its wont, couldn't care less. Until this is resolved--don't hold your breath-- please share manually. Thanks.


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